Glowing Skin for Dull, Rainy Days

For many of you who are basking in the summer sunshine, those of us in the Southern hemisphere (well, the Philippines) are drenched in the pouring rain. As much as I love the cuddle weather that it brings, my skin just doesn’t go well with grey. Good thing the folks over at the Dollar Shave Club invited me to talk about skincare for this dreary time of the year. They pointed out that with the changing seasons, how we treat our skin should also be tailored to the weather.

If you want to learn more about summer appropriate skincare, head on over to the Dollar Shave Club’s skincare page. If you’re like me and you just want the sun to come out again, here are a few ways to get you through the rainy days:

Rain Day - 1
Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash


1. Cleanse

I know recreating that scene from The Notebook where Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams kiss in the rain sounds like the most romantic idea ever. While I still hold onto that fantasy, I think a good shower might do me some good after all that canoodling. You really shouldn’t let rain water sit on your skin, especially on the face. (Though with Rachel McAdam’s perfect porcelain complexion, I don’t think she needs any help).

Rain, particularly in the city, is filled with pollutants. If you go bathe in the rain, you’ll only be showering in toxic rain water. Try not to run outside right after it starts pouring. If you really can’t help your inner child, wait a bit until it’s been raining for quite a while just to let the water wash away what it can. (Barari, 2012) If you’ve been drenched from head to toe during the rainy monsoon, try to always bring an extra set of clothes if you can’t get home as soon as possible. Allowing your wet clothes to sit on your skin will only let bacteria accumulate, and we obviously don’t want any infections. (Kolhe, 2009)

When you get home, wash your face with a mild cleanser that you know really purifies your skin. One foam cleanser I know always deep cleans my skin is the Origins Checks and Balances. It gets rid of the grime on my skin without stripping away any moisture, leaving my skin feeling super fresh.

Rain Day - 2
L-R: Nuxe Brightening Toner, The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner


2. Exfoliate

During this season, the humidity can really open up your pores (Sriram, 2009) and allow dirt to penetrate your skin. A good way to get rid of the dirt that’s gone deep into your pores is to exfoliate. Now, Acid Toners have become a big trend in the skincare industry at the moment, and for good reason! It’s a great way to remove dead skin cells and excess dirt without using anything too abrasive on your face.

After cleansing my skin, I always like to use a toner to exfoliate my skin, and to make sure there’s no dirt or residue left on my face (though obviously, your cleanser should be enough). Some nights I use a toner that has tea tree oil in it (I’m currently using the one from The Body Shop) to get rid of pimples caused by bacteria. Other nights, I like to use an acid toner that either has citric acid, lactic acid, or glycolic acid. There are other more in depth articles where you can learn more about acid toners and their benefits, but ultimately, their purpose should be to rebalance and rehydrate your skin to make it look a lot brighter. The acid toner I’m using in conjunction with the The Body Shop one is the Nuxe ‘Nuxe White’ Brightening Moisturizing Toner.

Rain Day - 3
Good Things Manuka Honey Daily Moisturizer


3. Moisturize

We know how important moisturizing is to keep our skin looking fresh and healthy. Skin that lacks lustre is usually caused by dehydration, so give your skin a drink. Nourish it from within with tons of water, then slap on some moisturizer after you’ve done your cleansing and toning. You may want to try heavier creams at night to give it that extra dose of moisture, though obviously do go by your personal preference. During this dark and dull season, and with the humidity doing crazy things to our skin, I like to amp up the nourishment with products that contain either Vitamins A, C, or E. Some benefits of these vitamins are: Vitamin A helps to reduce wrinkles, Vitamin C is good for brightening the skin (such as hyper pigmentation or scars), and Vitamin E helps with dryness.

Most nights, I also use serums to aid the moisturizing process. In fact, I can attribute the effectiveness of the products I use to nourish my skin to using both a serum and a moisturizer at night. You can choose an oil or a serum that suits your skin’s needs (whether it be to help with hydration, ageing, brightness, etc) – the ingredients in them are usually more potent and they absorb much more easily into your skin.

I usually use an oil underneath my moisturizer to address the dryness of my skin, then I top it off with a good moisturizer for extra nourishment. A good rule to remember is to invest in your serum, and your moisturizer doesn’t have to be extortionate. The serum I’m currently using is the NUDE Progenius Omega Treatment Rescue Oil, and to moisturize, I use the Good Things Manuka Honey Daily Moisturizer.

Another thing: one area that’s often neglected is the under-eye area, so I’ve always made it a point to use a separate eye cream since my bags just get incredibly dry and crepe-y when I don’t! Obviously, you can still use your regular moisturizer for this step, but there’s something so satisfying about using a good eye cream because you just know that it targets that area and nourishes it well. My all time favorite is the Kiehl’s Creamy Under Eye Treatment with Avocado Oil, but for alternatives, you might find it really helpful to check out this list for the Best Eye Creams. has compiled some helpful tips on the best ingredients to protect against wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles, and I’ve discovered some new products that I might just go ahead and try. These bags aren’t going to get rid of themselves, so hopefully these eye cream recommendations can just help them look their best, even when I don’t feel like it, especially in this kind of weather!


Rain Day - 5
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream


4. Protect

When I look out my window to check if I need sunglasses that day, I tell myself that there’s no point in bringing them since the sun’s hiding behind gloomy rain clouds. I don’t think the same can be said about forgetting to use an SPF. Just because the sun is hiding behind the clouds doesn’t mean UV rays can’t penetrate them, so it’s still a good idea to protect your skin with a good sunscreen. There’s no need to go overboard with a factor of 50 when there’s hardly any sun outside. Instead, opt for a lightweight sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15 (or even a moisturizer with a built in SPF) to make sure that you’re still guarding your skin from any harmful rays.

On days when my skin is looking like it needs an extra boost, I love using the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. It’s great for keeping my skin looking plump and hydrated, and it has SPF15, so it’s a great dual purpose product.

Rain Day - 7
Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow


5. Faux Glow

If all else fails, I say fake it ’til you make it. There will be moments when no matter how good you’re being with the skincare regimen, you’ll still feel like you’re not getting the JLo glow that you want. The easiest way to get the healthy radiance that makes you look like you’re glowing from within is to use an illuminator. You could try using an illuminating primer before putting on your foundation, or you could go for glowy cheek products (either a bronzer or blush with a subtle sheen). My favorite way to cheat glowy skin is to use the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow before putting on my makeup, then intensifying the look with an illuminating bronzer and a golden highlight (such as the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Radiant Light and the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop).

How do you get through the rainy weather? What’s your favorite skincare product to combat dull and dry skin?

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