Date Ideas for When You’re in a Long Distance Relationship

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I’m sure many people will either be spending it happily with the special people in their lives, or maybe boycotting the holiday altogether because they’re single. Whatever the case may be, it’s just another day of the year. (You know, when people are meant to shower affection and love for you, but whatever.)

However, while there are tons of couples who will most probably be flaunting their relationships that day, what about the people who won’t get the chance to do that since their partners are miles away from them?

It’s difficult being in a long distance relationship, whether it’s 600 miles apart or 6,000 miles – it sucks either way. Still, it pays to keep the love alive by making the effort to see each other, even if it is just virtually. Taking the time to spend with each other makes all the difference and reminds the other person how much you care about them despite the distance between you.

So, being a witness to how straining it can be to be in a relationship with someone far away, I’ve asked some of my friends how they deal with the distance. And yes, it is possible to have “dates” with your long distance partner!

Here are a number of “Date Ideas” for you:

1. Skype Dinner Date

Food = The way to a girl’s heart

I personally believe that every good relationship should be founded on FOOD. Whoever said that “the only way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” probably forgot that women like food too. So, why not have some take out, put on a fancy spread, and sit in front of your laptops? It’ll make you feel like you’re actually eating out together. Or, why not go the extra mile and cook something yourself? Although your partner won’t be able to taste what you made, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Don’t forget to set the mood as well with some ambient lighting and maybe even some soft music to really make it romantic. Hopefully, by the end of the evening, you’ll be staring at each other’s faces, almost as if they’re sitting right in front of you. God willing the screen doesn’t freeze!

*If you’re in different timezones, then make it more interesting – one could have breakfast while the other’s having dinner (omelettes and bolognese, anyone?).

2. Movie Night

Date Night

The idea here is that you’ll be watching a movie together in synchronicity, so hopefully, either the TV or your internet will cooperate. Otherwise, you’ll be having some trouble trying to pause and play every so often. It takes a little patience ‘cause it can sometimes be tricky, but at least it’ll feel like you guys are on a movie date together. Go for any genre you like, but make sure that it’ll be a movie you both enjoy After all, you wouldn’t want your significant other to be fast asleep from watching The Notebook. It also helps to keep a list handy of all the movies you want to see together so that you can decide which one to watch on your next movie date.

Once you’ve decided on what movie to watch, set up your laptops so that you can see each other’s faces while watching. Go ahead and complete the scene with some popcorn (or a full meal, why not?). Also, don’t forget to mute yourself so that your sound doesn’t interfere with your partner’s, and enjoy your date! Think of it like Netflix and chill, but mostly Netflix.

3. Online Games

After a day of fun and games :)

This one was quite interesting to me since I’m not a gamer myself, but my friend and her boyfriend actually met on an online game, and to this day, they’re still together. They spend most of their time on quests, and it’s quite amusing to see how much fun they have together playing these games, especially since they’re super hardcore gamers. So, if you feel like this could be up your alley, or you’re willing to sacrifice your time to do something your partner likes, then hopefully you’ll like this idea.

However, if online role-playing games aren’t really your cup of tea, don’t fret. Those aren’t the only games out there, and there are a number of options for you to choose from. You can find tons of websites out there that would cater to whatever you fancy. You could play online poker, battleship, tic-tac-toe, whatever! Let your competitive side show, challenge each other, and always remember to keep it fun. And speaking of fun, you could always make it a bit more interesting… -nudge nudge- -wink wink- (I’m not gonna give you any ideas for that, but just be creative!)

4. Visit each other


This is my favorite out of all the options. There’s always that sense of satisfaction when you get to run into your partner’s arms, get a whiff of their aftershave, and wrap yourself around them for the biggest hug. When I saw my friends see their boyfriends  after a long time (yes, I do have a few friends who are in this kind of relationship), it just made me happy to see them, well, so happy! Besides, it’s so inspiring to see them make such an effort or go through lengths just to see each other.

So, let’s say that you went for this option. Now that you’re in a relatively normal set up, it’s so much easier to plan and go out on a regular date. You can finally do any activity you like, whether indoors or outdoors. Having said that, might I suggest something more entertaining? Why not make it extra romantic by going on a trip with just the two of you? While you’re at it, you should rent an awesome car from Turo to make the experience much more fun! They’re a car rental company with a selection of classic cars and rare cars, so surely, you can find one that you and your partner will really enjoy. Try channelling Grace Kelly (or Bridget Jones, if you prefer) as you drive through a charming little road outside the city.

Whatever you plan to do, just remember that what’s important is that you two should make the most of the time you have together and make it as memorable as possible. Do what makes you happy, whether it’s having a staycation or going on an adventure – what matters is that the two of you are spending time together outside of a virtual space, so make it count.

*Obviously this would depend on your funds and how long you’ll spend on the trip. So, if it won’t cost you a fortune, why not jump the gun and get the ticket to see them? They would definitely be surprised and appreciate seeing that smile on your face when you show up on their doorstep (maybe with flowers and chocolates, too!).

Hopefully, you’ll find a date idea that’s suitable for you and your partner, and that you enjoy every moment! So, to all the lovely couples out there, long distance or not, Happy Valentine’s Day! And to the singletons, maybe next year, eh?

For more information about Turo, you can check their website here.

How will you be spending Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Sarah says: solves the movie problem! 😛

    1. theunicahija says:

      Hey, thanks for the tip! I’ll let my friends know about it <3

  2. This is so cute omg! Love these ideas!x

    1. theunicahija says:

      Thank you! Those techniques definitely make the distance more endurable :)

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